Bridge Farmhouse

Fishing at Bridge Farmhouse

Fishing at Bridge FarmhouseHook and cook in our lovely large garden on the river. We have great fishing on the doorstep with Trout, Roach and Chub. You don’t need a permit to fish in the garden but if you want access to 12 additional miles of river beds, day fishing tickets can be purchased from Stuart Wilson the local river keeper of Britford Fishery for £10.00 a day. you do however, need a rod licence and you can buy it online if you haven't got one from the Environment Agency website.

Hopefully, by the end of February 2014, we will soon have a smoker you can use to smoke your own catch too but we'll keep you posted.

Guests who stayed in October 2012 wrote to us: "I just wanted to let you know that the place is an absolute delight and we have had a fabulous time, lucky with the weather too!  Not sure whether it is usual or easy but we caught and ate (as our starter last night!) two fantastic (possibly 3lb each) trout and they were delicious!"

More info available from Westcountry River Trust 

www.Londonanglers.netContact Stuart Wilson on 07847109153